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OS3D Mass exporter v09



My first version of this script was created to simplify the process of exporting many objects from one 3dsmax scene into separate obj files.

Now I have added another feature by request from a user so it now supports exporting frames or a framerange of the selected objects.

Lets say you have created some sort of simulation inside 3dsmax and want to import that into another tool. Ex cloth simulation.

This will create a separate .obj file for every frame and also every object you have selected.

You can run it by just dragNdrop it onto 3dsmax.

Known bugs:
I know that some export formats does not support the “Export Selected” function which makes this script not very useful for certain fileformats.

I have tried .obj and .3ds alot and thoose work. (you still have the old issue with 3ds format and the 64K limit in facecount, but that is the limitation of 3ds)

I hope someone else finds this useful!

Anyone that has some tips of how to import an .obj sequences into maya/softimage/houdini are very welcome to comment! Since this is not my main tools I am not the wiz on that.