A brilliant way to compile c# code in memory and of course how to use/implement the C# Wait command in maxscript

A brilliant way to compile c# code in memory and of course how to use/implement the C# Wait command in maxscript.

— from the article:
What’s Async/Await?
First of all, what does async/await do? It lets you set up a task, have that task do something (async) and continue with other stuff while that task is still working. In the mean time, you can expect the results from that task to come back to you (await). It’s like cooking. You put the water on and at the same time you cut the vegetables. But because you need to water to be boiling before you put the vegetables in, you wait for the water.
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Interresting to hear about companies that are trying to find good ways of producing / creating VR content

“How do we build these experiences?” or “The tools that we have for creating digital content are not designed to build these kinds of applications.” or “Working within a traditional 2D medium (screen/keyboard/mouse) doesn’t really hit the spot when you’re trying to build interactive worlds and stories.” and finally, “Rapid iterations happen when the viewing medium is the same as the editing medium – we want to be able to load a set into VR and make live edits to that data, and then get those changes back to our editing application of choice.”

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Are you looking for free/open source alternative queue manager for batch jobs and you like python.. Look at fireworks

this toolkit is a very competent queue manager and server running in python and can be used to batch anything that you could start from commandline or write your own python code.

It takes some getting used to and you definetly need to know some python to make it work with 3ds max.. But it works great and I use it for baking, optimizing models, or just imagemagic processing of millions of files.

It uses MongoDb at its hart which works very well for me.

I recommend it highly.. 

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An example of the many functions that I really like.. Complex depency graphs.. You can create workflows for example you can have one job that spawns more smaller jobs like an animation file that generates frames.. Then when and only when all frames are done another step will assemble them all into a .mov file..

(This is from another example in the tutorials)